RevenueStream Announces Availability of Enterprise Real-Time Fraud Detection Platform

Innovative AI Fraud Prevention Vendor Expands Product Offering for Card Issuers and Processors

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL 14-01-2016

RevenueStream, a breakthrough automated fraud prevention solution based on  advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, announced today the availability of RevenueStream Enterprise ©  Рa fraud prevention product specifically tailored for credit card issuers and processors, as well as payment service providers.

Just like RevenueStream E-Commerce, which provides finalized, real-time fraud decisions for online retailers worldwide without the need for manual alert analysis, RevenueStream Enterprise delivers automated fraud detection and management, with a unique adaptive model based on the core RevenueStream AI engine.

RevenueStream Enterprise handles both online (card not present) as well as Point-of -Sale (card present) transactions enhancing and even supplanting high volume, legacy fraud rule engines which struggle to handle new behaviors and rapidly increasing online transaction volumes.

“Despite EMV being deployed throughout the US, credit card fraud rates are growing due to increased criminal sophistication, rapid growth in online transactions, as well as fraudster penetration of online payment services such as Paypal and ApplePay. Card issuers and processors are feeling this daily with more and more fraudulent transactions slipping through their defense systems,” said RevenueStream CTO Ami Rodan. “Evolving the product to the enterprise market to include card present transactions was a natural step for us given the market potential and the relatively easy adaptability of our detection engine.” He adds – “We are currently deployed with RevenueStream Enterprise across a number of sites and showing sustained ROI rates of over 400% – the system is configured as an on premise solution for maximum security and can seamlessly coexist with legacy rule engines and case managers.”

About RevenueStream:

RevenueStream is an automated, highly accurate fraud prevention solution offering online retailers and card processors finalized fraud decisions for each transaction. By utilizing its state of the art artificial intelligence engine, analyzing thousands of relationship points within the data structure within milliseconds, RevenueStream intercepts fraud in the background – All this without disrupting the customer experience while increasing sales for legitimate customers previously tagged as risky. RevenueStream is highly cost effective to implement, allowing savings of hundreds of percent over current market solutions as well as rapid 0-day deployment without interference to production operations. RevenueStream is backed by the Israeli Chief Scientist as well as private investors. Catch up with us @