E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One Fraud Solution – At 1c Per Transaction!

one centWe at RevenueStream  believe e-commerce operations, regardless of size, should be able to successfully utilize the cutting edge of technology easily, cheaply and without adoption barriers.

We’ve seen even veteran retailers struggling to handle legacy fraud scoring systems offered by their payment providers or dealing with the hassles of regularly developing and updating an in house system cobbled together out of necessity.

That is why we’ve decided to release our Rapid Integration API V.3.0  starting at an unprecedented 1c per transaction introductory price! *

Unlike other detection products based on user behaviour analysis and social data gathering, our LAST STOP machine learning engine does not retain the transaction data after it has passed through the system, ensuring no data breach will ever compromise the customer privacy and adherence to the strictest  regulatory standards.





* Dependent on minimum monthly usage levels and industry type, does not include certain support and chargeback protection plans, offer is time limited, please contact us for more information!