9 Payment Scenarios – Indian Online Retailers

Compiled by RevenueStream, Jan 2017 Introduction Due to the unique nature of the Indian ecommerce market, there are certain trends that we would like to point out. India’s ecommerce payment methods are currently divided between COD (50-65%), credit card transactions (30-40% – encumbered by two factor authentication requirement) and newer payment schemes such as Paytm[…]

E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One Fraud Solution – At 1c Per Transaction!

We at RevenueStream  believe e-commerce operations, regardless of size, should be able to successfully utilize the cutting edge of technology easily, cheaply and without adoption barriers. We’ve seen even veteran retailers struggling to handle legacy fraud scoring systems offered by their payment providers or dealing with the hassles of regularly developing and updating an in house system cobbled[…]

We’re Pleased to Announce API v. 3.0!

Get the API NOW @ – RevenueStream * Realtime Response – Guaranteed * Finalized Fraud Decisions Tailored to Your Security Policy * Sell More – Reach Out to Global Audience Starting at 1 CENT per transaction Free 30 Day Trial RevenueStream is an automated, highly accurate fraud prevention solution offering online retailers   finalized fraud decisions[…]

RevenueStream Announces Availability of Enterprise Real-Time Fraud Detection Platform

Innovative AI Fraud Prevention Vendor Expands Product Offering for Card Issuers and Processors TEL AVIV, ISRAEL 14-01-2016 RevenueStream, a breakthrough automated fraud prevention solution based on  advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, announced today the availability of RevenueStream Enterprise ©  – a fraud prevention product specifically tailored for credit card issuers and processors, as well as payment[…]